Who We Are

Anne-Marie Daniel, Innovation Partner

Anne-Marie is passionate about building resilient organizations and communities. A Partner with Roy Group, she leads the firm's conflict resolution and community engagement work. 

NatuR&D launched in 2018 as an innovation arm of Roy Group that brings together interdisciplinary teams to design healthier and higher performing solutions to our most vexing challenges.

Anne-Marie is keen to solve the world's problems through better products, processes and systems. Her interest in innovation and the environment led her to biomimicry in 2006.

Biomimicry is the practice of learning from Nature's billions of years of design experience to create alignment between our ecosystems and industrial/built environments.

Anne-Marie's specialty is delivering experiential agendas and curriculums that cater to a variety of learning styles. She works with others to understand the issues at play so they can craft a solution that meets the needs. Her experience as a theatre designer, educator, mediator, entrepreneur and biomimic has taught her to bring a creative approach to helping people solve problems.

Working across sectors and generations, Anne-Marie has helped to resolve business, public policy, school community, local land use, family and human rights disputes. Seconded to the BC Premier's Office in 2008, Anne-Marie served as a Special Advisor on Public Engagement. Her past work in Scotland included projects with the British Army, educational leaders, health professionals, crofters, financial institutions and youth organizations from across the UK.

Anne-Marie holds a BFA in Theatre Design, a Graduate Certificate in Mediation, a Masters in Biomimicry and is a Certified Biomimicry Professional. 

Nadine Gudz, Strategy Partner

A seasoned sustainability leader and Clean50 honouree, Nadine led corporate sustainability strategy, partnership development and employee engagement initiatives for sustainable business pioneer, Interface Inc. for more than ten years. 

Currently completing her PhD in sustainability education and organizational change, she’s Faculty for the Graduate Certificate program in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. 

Nadine is a LEED accredited professional who has served on the Boards of the National Zero Waste Council, US Green Building Council Education Advisory Committee and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. She brings subject matter expertise on sustainability education, circular economy, biomimicry, corporate sustainability and climate strategy and speaks regularly on related topics. 

Nadine holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in Planning.

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