NatuR&D collaborates to bring Nature to the design table

Redesigning Flexible Film Packaging For Sustainability

At the recent Redefining Flexible Films Innovation Workshop, a virtual gathering of 80 experts across the packaging industry including brand owners like Mars, PepsiCo, Whole Foods and other stakeholders took aim at zero-waste food packaging. NatuR&D was there.

NatuR&D, Kool Earth Solutions, Inc. and RCD are collaborating to create Flexture: Biomimicry for Bio-Based Flexible Film R&D Project, looking to Nature for inspiration to design new bio-based functional packaging and researching the specific function of moisture vapour management in plants, insects and animals. This is a breakthrough approach to packaging design led by NatuR&D.

The team is also embarking on a concurrent industry engagement strategy to offer research on tap in the form of a “Bite-Size Biomimicry” offering, drawing inspiration from Nature on sponsor-directed questions.