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How Nature Finds Balance – How I Wonder What You Are

Writer, Biomimicry professional and entrepreneur Anjan Prakash shares a video post – 29 Individuals – on building your practice through meditations on how Nature finds balance.

On the 29th of Jan, nine varieties put out their tiny heads out of the soil, each in varying lengths, widths, shapes, and some in different shades of green. Some such a tiny head, I almost missed it in my first inspection.  On the 30th, five more said hello to us. 31st Jan, another six more, 1st Feb, six, and now you know how this goes. One of them (chives) is enjoying the company of the soil so much, that no amount of anything has yet made her want to break out of her seed, and pop out of the soil. I am told that she needs patience.

Watch the entire, amazing video right here.

29 Individuals from howiwonderwhatyouare on Vimeo.