Get into Nature’s details for the secrets to manufacturing

Learn to design at the micro-scale with Lichen Labs’ U Nature course. Use biomimicry thinking to re-design our world through small details with awesome results! From self-cleaning to colour with crystals, Nature’s got it going on.

UNature Virtual Course Outline: 

The award-winning team at Lichen Labs developed an inspiring virtual course for 7th-grade life science courses to stimulate curiosity and interest in science. This interactive virtual course teaches students the basic principles of biomimicry. The lessons can be delivered remotely, and the students can perform the assignments from home.

UNature Virtual is a 3 lesson course that middle school science teachers can teach remotely using materials and homework applicable to the virtual classroom.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Biomimicry

Lesson 2: The Biomimicry Journal

Lesson 3: Biology to Design