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Exploring Deep Principles
in Nature's Life-Friendly Chemistry

An Advanced Immersion for Biomimics

2nd March – 8th March, 2019

Come to the Indian jungle at the edge of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, in the Central Highlands of Madhya Pradesh for the world’s first Life-Friendly Chemistry Immersion with Mark Dorfman, Principal and Biomimicry Chemist with B3.8!


Week at a Glance

Enjoy time outside in nature at The Forsyth Lodge . A premium eco-lodge situated on the edge of the buffer zone of the Satpura Tiger Reserve .

Observe and explore chemistry’s roles in the living natural world on the wild lands of The Lodge and on several safaris over the course of the week.

Through daily simple hands-on activities, learn about Nature's approach to making and managing chemicals and materials and understand the critical ways in which Nature's chemistry differs with modern commercial chemistries .

Close out the week with a systematic dive into life-friendly chemistry to identify points of intervention and investigate how to Nature’s chemistry strategies apply to sustainability challenges .

This experience begins 5:00 AM on 2nd March, 2019 in Mumbai and you will be returned to the same spot on 8th March, 2019 at 8:00 PM.


Your Instruction and Facilitation Team

Your Instructors

Mark Dorfman

Mark Dorfman – Principal and Biomimicry Chemist with Biomimicry 3.8. His work centers on the premise that living organisms, by necessity, have developed sophisticated, highly effective, life-friendly chemistries that inspire provocative, high-performing, sustainable technologies for modern society.

Dr. Dorfman uncovers and applies the design principles and deep patterns underlying nature’s time-tested chemical strategies to develop innovative solutions to the toxic chemical and materials challenges that corporations, governments, and society as a whole are facing in the 21st Century. In collaboration with leaders in the emerging field of green chemistry, Dr. Dorfman is advancing the practice of developing novel solutions that meet human design needs that are in sync with Nature.

Timothy L. Ward

Timothy L. Ward – Professor Emeritus works in the Department of  Chemical and Biological Engineering at The University of New Mexico. His research is focused in three areas: vapor and aerosol synthesis of materials, high-temperature metallic and ceramic membranes, and fuel cell electrode materials. He has more than 45 referred journal papers, which have generated more than 2,000 citations, several issued patents, as well as numerous conference proceedings and presentations.

Dr. Ward also has been awarded the UNM School of Engineering Teaching Award at the junior and senior level, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Mexico.

Visiting Faculty

Nitesh Mehta

Nitesh Mehta – Co-Founder & Director of Green ChemisTree Foundation, engaged in expanding awareness about Green Chemistry and Engineering (GC&E) amongst all stakeholders of the chemical industry through diverse initiatives. He is passionate about Nature and committed to reducing the environmental footprint of the chemical industry. For the last 15 years, Mr Mehta has been managing the accountability of marketing Newreka’s knowledge-based Green Chemistry technologies in Indian and International markets. Along with his team, he has developed a unique business model for scale-up and commercialization of innovative green chemistry-based platform technologies and solutions.

Mr. Mehta is the Convener of the Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW) Convention series, India’s first and largest initiative on Green Chemistry and Engineering for the Chemical community in India, organised by the Green ChemisTree Foundation.

Your Facilitators

Anjan Prakash

Anjan Prakash - A Biomimicry Consultant & Facilitator,  Anjan’s talks and workshops are aimed at educating and informing audiences about how to design better organizations, better products, processes and systems by looking to Nature for time-tested solutions.

Anjan started her career in Ogilvy Advertising and then co-founded Brown Skins, a film production house in Mumbai. After 16 years in advertising, she realized her way forward was in working at the intersection of Business, Design and Nature. 

Her leadership, love of learning and commitment to health positions her well in hosting, developing and facilitating the world’s first Biomimicry Immersion on the topic of Life-Friendly Chemistry.

Anne-Marie Daniel

Anne-Marie Daniel – A Certified Biomimicry Professional, Anne-Marie’s specialty is in delivering experiential agendas and curriculums that cater to a variety of learning styles. Her experience as a theatre designer, educator, mediator, entrepreneur and biomimic has taught her to bring a creative approach to helping people solve problems.

Working across sectors and generations, Anne-Marie helps to resolve problems between people in households, workplaces and communities. Today her focus is on engaging these same people in learning from Nature to create aligned designs that facilitate well-being for all.

She is thrilled to be working with Anjan in facilitating a deep dive into the mission critical Life Principle of Life-Friendly Chemistry.

Special Guests include local guides.

Have questions? Please email Anne-Marie Daniel.




Workshop Fee:  $2,795.00 USD

Immersion Workshop fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  • Local economy air ticket to & from Bhopal (Mumbai - Bhopal - Mumbai) on 2nd March & 8th March, 2019.
  • Bus to Forsyth Lodge.
  • Lodging & Meals from 2nd March – 8th March (6 nights, 7 days) at Forsyth Lodge.
  • Luxury accommodation rooms on a triple-sharing basis with en-suite bathroom.
  • Three Nature Safaris to explore the Satpura Forest Range.
  • Tuition fee.

Immersion Workshop fees do not include:

  • International air tickets to reach Mumbai by 1st March, 2019.
  • Transport from your hotel-airport-hotel on 2nd March & 8th March, 2019.
  • Travel, boarding and lodging in Mumbai on 1st March (Friday) & 8th March (Friday), 2019.
  • Visa expenses, travel and medical insurance.
  • Tips and all personal expenses (outside of the meals) during the stay at Forsyth Lodge.

Before you register for the Immersion Workshop, review the following:

  • Workshop Fee:  $2,795.00 USD
  • Due upon registration: The first payment of $1,395.00, which includes a non-refundable $500.00 booking fee used to secure booking expenses already incurred.
  • 16th November, 2018: The final payment of $1,400.00 is due. A final payment reminder will be emailed to registrants prior to the due date.
  • Payment options: Credit card or cheque.

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