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Exploring Deep Principles in Nature's Life-Friendly Chemistry

An Advanced Immersion for Biomimics
March 2-8, 2019
Forsyth Lodge in Madhya Pradesh, India

No chemistry training? No worries!
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Hosted by BPro’s Anjan Prakash and Anne-Marie Daniel, and taught by Biomimicry 3.8’s own Mark Dorfman, this weeklong immersion is open to BPros, BSpecs, ASU Biomimicry Program Graduate Students & Alumni, and Designers who know about Biomimicry and are keen to integrate it into material science, health, consumer product goods, circular economy, manufacturing, and of course, chemistry.

"You don’t need to be a chemist to learn from and enjoy Mark’s workshop. Just bring curiosity and prepare to be amazed and even entertained. Mark has a rare ability to accurately describe chemical processes through relatable metaphors – allowing you to visualize what is happening as molecules form, transform and interact to make our world. His clear understanding of the fundamentals will bring you closer to the chemical magic that is all around you (and in you!), yet just beyond your senses. As a professional problem solver, he is also knowledgeable about industrial chemistry, which allows him to compare conventional 'heat, beat, and treat' to nature’s life-friendly, cyclic processes. For anyone interested in creating a circular, regenerative economy, Mark is the perfect instructor to boost your literacy and help you imagine what’s possible.” – Janine Benyus, author and co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8

In other words, no chemistry training? No worries.

This workshop is specifically designed for the non-chemist with an interest in nature’s green chemistry principles and a passion to participate in biomimetic chemistry innovations. Rather than spend time sitting through dry chemistry lessons, you’ll jump right into chemistry conversations with the natural world, which in and of itself, is biomimetic since chemistry is the original language of life. The first organisms communicated with each other, and gathered information about their environment, by sending and receiving chemical signals – a process that continues in the natural world to this day.

Through the workshop, you’ll begin to recognize key aspects of a given natural chemical strategy that could be applied to a sustainable biomimetic solution and you’ll be better equipped to partner with professional chemists to ensure that as biomimetic solutions develop, they stay on a biomimicry track.

We look forward to your participation to explore the Life’s Principle 'Life-Friendly Chemistry' that forms the backbone of Life on Earth.


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